Who the Hell are
Ron and the Rude Boys?

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Song: Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

Welcome to your one stop destination to ensure your night out with the lads goes down a TREAT !

Ron & the Rude Boys love a sing-song with our mates with a few pints down the pub, and we know you do too. But when we get singing, we don’t want to hum along to the likes of Take That and One Direction, we want to stand up and sing our heart out to something with a little more toilet humour, something that really tickles our Gonads (or Ovaries !!!). Make sure your Granny isn’t listening !

Ron and the Rude Boys have plenty of traditional Bawdy Songs which will have you rocking and rollicking in drunken delight.

Ron & the Rude Boys believe in the power of laughter

Laughing releases endorphins from your brain, reduces the level of stress in your body, and strengthens the immune system. It is proven that laughter therapy, also known as humour therapy, can reduce negativity, emotional stress, and physical discomfort. This means that not only are our albums packed full of belly rumbling banter, they are also good for your health. Whether you have had a bad day, a week, a year, Ron and the Rude Boys are here to make your day a bit brighter.

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