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Featured on
Channel 4’s RI:SE programme
Nov 2003


Ron and the Rude Boys have recorded almost 100 traditional SIDE-SPLITTING bawdy rugby songs, some which originate from over 100 years ago – many were compiled and sung during the first and second World Wars to boost moral.

Within these unique archives there is good excuse for loads of offence causing, beer swilling, lung bursting Tom-Foolery.

The Rude Boys songs appeared on a National TV quiz


Jock McTavish, he was there, his COCK was long and broad, And when he f……. the farmer’s wife, she had to be rebored…….

Dinah, Dinah show us your leg, show us your leg, show us your leg Dinah, Dinah, show us your leg a yard above your knee……

She gave birth to illigits, little shits with swinging tits, who sold their slits for thrupenny bits, The HARLOTS OF JERUSALEM…..

A is for ARSEHOLE all covered in shit, Hey Ho said Roley, and B is the BASTARD who revels in it with a Roley Poley, up ’em and stuff ’em, Hey Ho said Antony Roley

Twas on the Good Ship Venus, My God you should have seen us. The figure head was a whore in bed,
And the mast was a rampant peeeeee nis………


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The medical benefits of laughter have long been proved, so these 5 CD’s (which are the WORLD’S LARGEST COLLECTION OF TRADITIONAL BAWDY SONGS) are much preferred over Anti-Psychotic drugs to treat manic depression,
and without any side-effects to boot !
It would also make an ideal gift for someone who suffers an immoral sense of humour!